Bakery know-how since 1926


Founded in 1926 by Sébastien Defroidmont, the company has been preparing for 95 years, high-end bakery products. Located in the Avesnois and more precisely in Maroilles, a little village famous for its typical cheese, it is in a 3900 m2 facility that the company works every day to provide you the best quality they can. It is a whole team of co-worker whom use their know-how to produce pastries and delicacies.

One of the main Maison Defroidmont’s strengths is that all our dough are hand-made, to preserve the quality and not damage the product, the company commits to manufactured and additives-free products.  Then, we invite you to share the authentic Art de Vivre des terroirs de France. Every gastronomics specialties we provide you are taken from our culinary local heritage.


Our history


In 1926 Sébastien Defroidmont founded his company as the first pastry chef of the company. For 95 years, the Defroidmont company never stopped evolving with preparing quality products and traditional local food.


61 years ago, Jean-Jaques Defroidmont, the son, took over the business and instaured his new policy within this authentic know-how inherited from four generations of master pastry chefs. It is during this time, that the actual core product; the Flamiche covered with maroille has been created but also other products: sugar pie, vergeoise… 


The five Defroidmont’s siblings took over together.

 It is in 1997, the company moved into the Maroilles, a little village in the Avesnois famous for its millenary cheese.


The production unit doubled in volume to fit with the growing demand of consumers. The company has, at the same time, begun the process of obtaining the IFS (International Featured Standard) certification, which represents a real guarantee of quality for an agri-food company. It obtained it in 2011.


In its CSR development, 2012 was a turning point. Defroidmont was equipped with cars 100% electric used for home-service shipping, a sustainable and ecological investment in line with the organic certification obtained in 2008 and respect for the environment.

Fun fact: the ecological aspect has been an important point for the management of the company since its beginning, indeed Sébastien Defroidmont started to deliver his customers by horse.


After long years at the lead of the company, Mr Jacques Dedfroidmont will deserve his retirement and let his place to the actual CEO, Christophe Campion. He worked for 25 years before in export with other companies before arriving in Defroidmont company. It is important for him to continue the mission of the company in order to provide to the most the territory specialities. Finally he added a little change to the company name from “Defroidmont” to “Maison Defroidmont” in order to reinforce his territorial aspect and the familial aspect of the organisation.

A semi-industrial manufacturing process

Our industrial tool has been built around the dough based on the quality of our products.

We select the best flours and give to our dough a double fermentation by a pointing in tank to create the natural aromas and a slow fermentation to give volume without brutalizing the dough … a chain of simple gestures but which transformed this know-how. In Defroidmont, we provide you quality through our passion.

As our products are manufactured, we are automated to finally offer a suitable packaging and hermetic for optimal freshness.

Our recipes are exclusive, the base of our pies are spread and garnished by hand and each phase of the development is done with rigor to guarantee the best quality and the satisfaction of our customers.



Our suppliers: proximity and traceability

Our production is composed of 100% with  french products and 80% of local and regional furnitures, this approach is rooted in the local legacy and the quality is part of the current ways of consuming.

Meet some of our partner

More than a century and a half after its creation, Lesaffre’s expertise in manufacturing, fermenting and processing yeast continues to be cultivated day after day, for bakery, taste and pleasure actors. food, biotechnology …

In 1021, at the top of the hill of Mons en Pévèle, a windmill was erected to grind wheat and rye. A thousand years later, we still grind on top of this mount. Every Waast’s generation gave a miller love of the trade with the qualities of innovation, initiative and management.

Since 1996, the Richard family has been developing simple, natural fruit-rich preparations without adding unnecessary additives to premium recipes. In addition to its ready-to-use fruit collection, AtelierD2I creates tailor-made recipes for artisans and industrialists.

Authenticity, Innovation & Agility

Maison Defroidmont is constantly improving and working on :


  • Reducing sugar and saturated fat levels
  • Ongoing elimination of synthetic additives in favor of natural products
  • Fiber or protein enrichment
  • Packaging adaptations to consumer needs and to reduce waste (Development of mini sizing)
  • Establishment of a more local supply chain, focused on sustainable development.

Finally, we give an important place to our customers’ advice, in order to answer with responsiveness and agility to their needs.